Deep Space 20

I’ve always been strangely fascinated by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary – amazing how time flies, even when you’re not an agent of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations – it’s the densest and most mythology-rich of all the Star Trek TV shows. Often ambitious and audacious, it won more battles than it lost and remains a box-set must-own for any card-carrying Starfleet fan. However, it was also paradoxically (at times) the slowest, ugliest SF show on the box.

In many ways, DS9 was the anti-TNG. While Star Trek: The Next Generation was shiny, clean and antiseptic – a look exaggerated by JJ Abrams for his lens-flare reboot – DS9 was unapologetically grey and dirty.


…and boring. I was inexplicable how someone could go where no man had gone before when they were stuck on a space station.

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7 Responses to Deep Space 20

  1. rapcomp says:

    I happen to like DS9! I am recently started watching it on Netflix.

  2. hardedge says:

    Want to know how it ends?

  3. MForry says:

    “Want to know how it ends?”

    Babylon 2 and 3 destroy it in flux capacitor malfunction when they overcharge the dilithium crystals in the stargate.

  4. hardedge says:

    You forgot to preface that with, “Spoiler Alert!”

  5. rapcomp says:

    I’m only watching it on Netflix because I’m to lazy to dig out the DVD’s !

  6. hardedge says:

    You thought the show was so bad you buried them?

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