Re-arranging the Deck Chairs?

The next version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system will sail on its maiden voyage, so to speak, with the Consumer Preview coming in less than two weeks (if not sooner). Windows 8 will take a northerly course through ice-infested waters as Microsoft “re-imagines” the platform in ways that will stress customers’, developers’ and other partners’ commitments. Execution will be key, and every detail planning the course matters. That’s right down to the logo, which significance is much bigger than Windows.

Too bad the Doors aren’t around to do the music for Windows.

Microsoft has no corporate logo. The name is the brand, but it’s not brand enough. That’s one reason why Microsoft long ago adopted the four-color Windows flag as major identifier and why prominent sub-brands — Office most notably, even Microsoft Store — use similar color motif. The new Windows logo washes away the familiar color scheme and any resemblance to earlier variations. It’s a rectangle cut vertically and horizontally by two lines. The logo lacks dimension, depth or distinction.


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