Sony on the Road to Nowhere?

A stunning Japanese model holds up the latest version of Sony’s PlayStation Portable, the consumer electronics group’s handheld games player. But she cannot turn it on. Before an expectant audience at a packed film theatre, she fumbles with the device before Kaz Hirai, chief executive of Sony’s games unit, calmly takes over and switches on Casino Royale.

But even Hirai cannot get the James Bond movie, which is playing on the PSP, to stream on to Sony’s flat-screen television. The technical glitches at this month’s PlayStation premiere in Tokyo were symbolic of a bigger problem gnawing at Sony…

No Baloney

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2 Responses to Sony on the Road to Nowhere?

  1. Oldster says:

    The original article states that consumers don’t understand what the PS3 is capable of and therefore are put off by the price. It’s also possible that we just don’t want all that bundled together. Plus, in my case, I don’t trust Sony anymore and avoid the brand when I am looking at gadgetry.

  2. hardedge says:

    It’s an over-worn complaint: You don’t understand our product, you don’t understand our service, you don’t understand our comprehensive immigration reform act…

    My job is to evaluate (whatever), determine how it will add to my life, and then judge if the price is commensurate. It’s the company’s job to impart the needed info to me and, if they don’t, it means they don’t understand consumers.

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