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In the Wake of Record Global Cooling

It looks like German automakers are really stepping up their efforts in the realm of diesel-electric hybrid vehicles. Over the past two weeks, you’ve probably seen information about the Volkswagen Golf Hybrid which achieves an astonishing 69 MPG. BMW soon … Continue reading

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Wait Until After Microsoft Buys Them

Yahoo won’t be yodeling from the mountaintops after being served with yet another lawsuit this week that focuses on the company’s actions in China. Chinese dissidents Zheng Cunzhu and Guo Quan filed suit against Yahoo in a California federal court, … Continue reading

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Zero To 300 MPH In 30 Seconds. Why?

A Swiss company has created the world’s fastest ever road vehicle – a 340mph bullet-shaped cross between a motorbike and a car. The Acabion GTBO looks like a jet fighter cockpit on wheels – with stabilisers – and has the … Continue reading

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Would You Like to Play a Game?

On January 26, 1700, at about 9 p.m. local time, the Juan de Fuca plate beneath the ocean in the Pacific Northwest suddenly moved, slipping some 60 feet eastward beneath the North American plate in a monster quake of approximately … Continue reading

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He Can Buy Everyone in Belgium a Drink

If you lack the wherewithal to rob a bank, being the CEO of a software company is a handy way to bring in the shekels. Adobe has disclosed that departing boss Bruce Chizen was paid $8.3 million and also benefited … Continue reading

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It’s Just a GPS Satellite…

An Atlas 5 launch of a classified satellite scheduled for this week has been delayed as a precaution after last week’s intercept of another satellite by a missile. The Atlas 5 was scheduled to launch this week from Vandenberg Air … Continue reading

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Powerless to the People

The “Air Power Cooler” transfers the chipset heat into air momentum, when the air becomes hot, the air will expand then push the fan to rotate and In doing so, cooling the heatsink immediately. After the air moves from the … Continue reading

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Alarming Policy? I’d Be Alarmed If It Didn’t!

The U.S. Air Force has adopted an alarming new censorship policy that effectively bans blogs and blogging by troops using Air Force computers and networks. The U.S. Army has required that bloggers register with their chain of command, but has … Continue reading

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You Don’t Want To Put A Finger In This Socket…

There’s a short video here. -oldster-

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Minox DC 7411

Let’s not get carried away here, Minox. We can understand the slim, 18.5mm-thick form factor, and the 7.2 megapixel sensor and 3x zoom seem certainly par for the course, but a 3-inch LCD? It’s almost like you guys are trying … Continue reading

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Why Does DC Get A “State” Quarter?

The U.S. Mint apparently disagrees. Today, the Mint rejected a proposed design for D.C.’s commemorative quarter that included the above slogan. The quarter, part of the Mint’s state quarter series, was rejected for its controversial nature. More Maybe they could … Continue reading

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TGIF 2/29/08

More So much for “More bars in more places,” is it more like “More eavesdroppers in more places” now?  Jonas

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One Day Sale: GeForce 8600GT $69 After MIR

Not the best of the 8-series cards, but way better than the 8500 –and two will get you SLI. More

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How Nokia Geeks Party

The highlight of the party, besides the free drinks, was a screaming contest. Yes, a screaming contest. Attendees were divided into groups based on the color of a smiley-face sticker on their badges, and each group was given an S60-equipped … Continue reading

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Microsoft Cuts Vista Price – But Not Enough

Microsoft has cut the price of Windows Vista in an attempt to further boost sales of the operating system. Good news for those looking to upgrade now SP1 is on the horizon. But if you read between the lines here, … Continue reading

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